Video from Thames Media about Hunter S. Thompson's campaign for sheriff of Pitkin County, Colorado in 1970. Thompson, famous for his books Hell's Angels, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 72', ran for sheriff of Pitkin County on the Freak Power ticket in 1970.

Hunter S. Thompson takes aim at Hollywood and the nouveau riche for turning Aspen into a glitzy theme park for the rich and famous. Source : Across America with Larry Woods CNN - 9/28/1993

Sheriff Joe DiSalvo, and his predecessor, Bob Braudis, will talk about how the Pitkin County Sheriff's Office became the progressive peace force that it is, what Hunter Thompson did to change law enforcement here and why it matters to Aspen today.

Two veterans of Hunter Thompson's campaign for sheriff will talk about the various foibles Thompson got them into during his 1970 bid for sheriff. David Hiser and Bob Krueger will talk about photographing the campaign and Joe Edwards will discuss how his legal defense of hippies became the catalyst of the Freak Power

Gonzo lawyer and NORML activist Gerry Goldstein and former NPR foreign editor Loren Jenkins will talk about Vietnam and Radical Activism in the early 70s including their various escapades with Hunter in Aspen and Vietnam.

The godfather of the Gonzo Gallery, Robert Egger, culinary philanthropist and creative mad man will take us on a wild ride into the future of philanthropy that will chew your brain up, and spit you out a better human.

Gonzo Museum Curator D.J. Watkins explains the historical importance of the Aspen Wall Posters and their role in the Freak Power movement and Hunter S. Thompson's campaign for sheriff of Pitkin County in 1970

Interview with Gonzo Museum Curator D.J. Watkins about the book, Thomas W. Benton - Artist/Activist

The Gonzo Museum presents it's first Liberty Salon Speaker Series featuring Robert Egger of DC Kitchen and CForward. Hosted by the Gonzo Museum on July 21, 2012. Filmed and edited by Grassroots TV. 

The Gonzo Museum presents "Freak Power in the Rockies " featuring Joe Edwards. Part of the Liberty Salon Speaker Series hosted by the Gonzo Museum in downtown Aspen. August 16th, 2012 Joe Edwards, former County Commissioner and candidate for mayor in 1969. Hunter S. Thompson served as Edward's de-facto campaign manager and Thomas W. Benton

Tom Benton working in his studio overlooking the North Star Preserve in Aspen, Colorado. Filmed by Michael Munroe for Barney Wycoff Gallery