Something New Has Been Added - 8/10 J

SNHBA - 8:10.jpg
SNHBA - 8:10.jpg

Something New Has Been Added - 8/10 J


Silkscreen by Ralph Steadman and William S. Burroughs

Seven color silkscreen on Somerset white satin 300 gsm, mould made paper

Edition: 8/10 J

Paper Size: 30.25" x 44.25" 

Signed and numbered by Ralph Steadman

Signed and shot by William S. Burroughs

Hand printed at Petro III Graphics, 1995

Shot by William S. Burroughs on December 2, 1995

Ammunition: 45 Long Colt - Weapon: Smith & Wesson Handgun

Distance: 10 Yards - Total: 6 Shots.

Ammunition: 38 Special - Weapon: 357 Magnum Model #27

Distance: 15 Yards - Total: 12 Shots

Artwork professionally packaged and shipped unframed. 

More information about the artwork can be found in an article Bill and Ralph's Excellent Adventure from the Independent.

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