Ralph Steadman Originals

While many of you may have imagined us indolently laying about in our opulent new gallery in Aspen for the last month, we were in fact on the other side of the world harassing Ralph Steadman at his studio in Kent. We hung around his farm, looking over his shoulder until he couldn't take it any longer and finally created some drawings for us on several unfinished Hunter Thompson for Sheriff silkscreens and old photographs of Hunter by David Hiser. Not only did he draw on the photographs and prints, he signed and titled them with names such as "Only When You're Sheriff" and "Hmm?!...Maybe You Should Stick To Plumbing!" 

When he'd finished his lascivious drawings and scurrilous titles, we wrapped the drawings up, brought them back to Aspen and decided that we had better have a party to celebrate getting our hands on some nearly impossible to obtain Steadman originals. So on December 26th at 7pm if you're in Fat City drop by the gallery at 625 E. Hyman Ave and we'll raise a toast to lewd art and political maleficence, or, if you want to hear from the artist himself, stop in at 12pm on January 2nd for a live telecast with Steadman.