Freaks Retake Aspen

Like a certain wooden horse entering Troy, we have managed to set up a respectable front in the cushiest digs in Aspen and will soon be creating mayhem in the heart of the glitter gulch. While many thought it might be impossible for anything as radical as the Gonzo Gallery to flourish in the increasingly rarified Aspen air, it turns out that there are still enough weirdos and malcontents left in town to transform even the posh address of 625 E. Hyman Ave, next door to the new Aspen Art Museum, into a hotbed of insurrection. 

gallery 8.jpg

   As soon as we've broken all the red tape between us and legal authorities, freak headquarters will officially be open tonight. Once the Gonzo Gallery is officially on the books again, we'll gather the troops for a council of war which will go by the undercover name of "gallery party." Expect more of these sorts of events in the coming months as well as liberty salons and whatever acts of creative disobedience we can muster.