Freak Power - Hunter S. Thompson's Campaign for Sheriff

Though many of you may think we are mere dilettantes peddling art to women in fur coats in a town where the beer flows like wine, we have actually been working in secret on our newest act of insurrection, Freak Power, a history of Hunter Thompson's campaign for sheriff. After twisting the arms of several Korean mafioso types, we have managed to get a limited number of copies of the book from the shores of Asia to the Rocky Mountains in a shockingly short amount of time.

Reviews of Freak Power

  For those of you unfamiliar with this particular episode in Thompson's history, the good doctor ran for sheriff of Pitkin County, the territory where Fat City is located, in 1970. Inevitably, things got weird. Freak Power, chronicles the hippies, dropouts, artists, greedheads, and landrapers as Thompson led them into a fray that would make international news, begin Thompson's career with Rolling Stone and change Aspen politics forever. 

  We dug up as much original material as we could beg, borrow or steal to put into the book, put a gun to former sheriff Bob Braudis's head until he wrote not only the foreword but the afterword too and finally chained ourselves to a table in the bar at the hotel Jerome until this book was written and sent to the press. So, you might be asking, where can you buy this brilliant new tome? Of course, it's on the Freak Power website or you can come and have a totally analog experience in the Gonzo Gallery at 625 E. Hyman in the heart of the glitter gulch.